Dog rescues baby who fell into swimming pool

Patricia Drauch with Stanley 
By: Eva Fett 

A dog proved to be the hero of the family.

A Michigan woman, said that her 4-year-old black Labrador dog jumped into a swimming pool in order to rescue her 14-month-old child, who fell into the water.

Patricia Drauch of Marcelo, said she was working in the garden on Sunday, when her son, Stanley, jumped into the swimming pool.

"Stanley usually follows us everywhere and I went into the garage to store some things and went out again," said Drauch. "Just at that time he was not behind me,” added Drauch.

Drauch said her family dog, Bear, was at the scene and jumped into action when it saw the child in danger.

"Bear placed its back under Stanley so he shouldn’t sink any farther," she said. "I do not know where I'd be if Bear did not go for him and keep him up and out of the water before I could reach him," she said.

Drauch said Stanley was not breathing when she pulled him out from the swimming pool and she took him to the Marcellus Fire Department when she could not get cell reception in order to call 911.

Drauch said the boy was taken to a hospital and released later in the day. She said doctors determined that he had suffered no ill affects from the incident.

The mother said that she has no one to thank just Bear with saving the life of Stanley.
"He's my hero," said Drauch.



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