300 injured in annual stone throwing war between neighbors

A stone war in progress 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) While American’s play baseball and basketball, or sometimes engage in a pillow fight, villagers in India, keep themselves entertained by throwing rocks at one another.

Every year on the second day of Bhaadra, ”The Stone War” is celebrated by two neighboring villages. A tree trunk is placed in the middle of the river “Jam”, which flows through the Savargao and the Pandhurna villages.

A flag is tied on top of this tree and people from both villages gather on each side of the river banks and try to pull the flag to their village. This is very challenging to do, as people are throwing stones from both side. The team that is able to pull the flag to their village is the winner.

Over 300 people were injured in this “game”. Seven people were seriously injured and were taken to local hospitals, while those with minor injuries were treated by a nearby public health center.



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