Police use helium balloons to scare homeowners into closing their windows

The scary police helium balloons 
By: David Ross 

Police officers have a lot of crimes to deal with all year round, but during the summer, they have even more crimes on their hands. Hotter weather often leads to an increase in burglaries as residents leave their doors and windows open.

Now, they came up with an idea they hope will prevent or cut crime. Police officers drive around the neighborhood looking for doors and windows that were left open while no one is home.

When they spot an open door or window, they put helium balloons through the open doors or windows to shock residents into making sure their homes are secured. Attached to the balloons is a card which reads: “why am I here?” Making the point that it could’ve been thieves coming into their homes.

"We know that around one in three burglaries happen because of unsecured property like a window left open, or a door left unlocked. Thieves hunt for this. This initiative is about warning decent people of the threat that lurk in their neighborhoods, encouraging people to either lock it or lose it,” Inspector Clark Bowers, said.

Later in the day, after the balloons were placed in the homes, police officers come back for follow-up visits. They carry out security assessments and offer crime prevention advice to family members.



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