Dog seen bringing his master loaves of bread and muffins

The dog surrounded with bread and muffins 
By: Debbie Gross 

It is still an unsolved mystery from where the dog picked up the delicious food for his master.

An Australian man, said that his golden retriever has brought him 12 loaves of bread and two packs of muffins in recent days.

Michael Shaw said he would like to know from where his dog, Gillie, has been receiving the baked goods.

Shaw lives in Theresa Park, a rural area in southwestern Sydney, and the nearest grocery store is at least 10 minutes away.

While Gillie ate one package of cupcakes, he simply has brought more back to the house, placed them on the front steps and then stood there wagging his tail, Shaw said.

"The dog brings things very often, but usually, it's an old rubber boot or something," Shaw said on Wednesday, referring to the rubber boots.

"It has a bit of a security problem so it always has things in its mouth. The dog has a big plush toy and will bark at the neighbors, but it has never brought anything like this before," he also said.

None of the neighbors have complained to Shaw about missing bread or muffins.



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