Doctors remove fork from man's stomach after being there for 10 years

Lee Gardner with the fork 
By: Moses Gold 

A fork was stuck in one man’s stomach for ten years. Now, it was finally removed.

Doctors discovered the 9-inch fork inside the man, who had been admitted to a hospital complaining of stomach pains. The man said that he had swallowed the fork ten years ago, while "messing around".

Lee Gardner, 40, was taken to Barnsley Hospital in the U.K., after vomiting blood and suffering stomach cramps.

Gardner said that when he accidentally swallowed the fork ten years ago, the doctor said that the tool would pass through his system naturally, and that caused him to forget about it.

However, he recalled that he swallowed a fork when doctors used a camera to see inside his abdomen to find the source of his medical problems.

"While we were looking into the camera, the doctor said: 'Are you sure you did not swallow something?' I said no, but when he asked again, 'Are you sure? I can see tips of what appears to be a fork,' I remembered that I accidentally swallowing one years and years ago," Gardner said.

The prongs of the fork had caused a stomach ulcer that had led to internal bleeding.
Doctors said the surgery to remove the fork took about 45 minutes.

"Lee is very fortunate that the fork has not caused more damage, and we are sure that he will make a full recovery," said Surgeon General Counsel Dr. Hanis Shiwani.



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