Girl watches as her teen boyfriend kills her abusive father

Jose Martinez 
By: David Ross 

The teenage years are the hardest time of children's lives. Teens think that they know everything yet they act irresponsibly without realizing the danger they put themselves into.

Every father tries to protect his teen daughter from bad boys. Sadly, many teen girls want their freedom, and they don’t want to follow rules or take their father’s advice.

Jaime Meza was a protective father, who tried to set rules for his 17-year-old daughter. Meza did not want his daughter to go out and party late at night.

19-year-old Jose Martinez wanted to hang out with his younger girlfriend, but when her father would not let her go out she complained to her boyfriend that her father was abusive. After hearing his girlfriend's complaints a number of times and seeing his girlfriend so unhappy with her father’s strict rules, Martinez took a knife and stabbed the father 30 times while he was sleeping.

After Meza was found dead in his Las Vegas, Nevada home, Martinez, 19, and Meza’s daughter were arrested. Martinez was charged with murder, use of a deadly weapon and burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon. He is jailed in the Clark County Detention Center without bail. 17-year-old Meza was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The teen girl initially told detectives that Martinez was waiting for her to sneak out of the house at 3:00 A.M. on Monday, and was confronted by her father when he came inside. Martinez had a different story. He claimed that he tried to defend himself when her father confronted him and then blacked out.

An anonymous tipster told police that Meza’s daughter planned the murder and Martinez had been asking his friends to help him carry it out. Later, he changed his story and admitted that he stabbed Meza, but only after his girlfriend urged him to do it, as Meza slept in his bed. Police later recovered the three-inch blade that was used in the stabbing.

When police told Meza’s daughter about Martinez’s new statement, she asked for an attorney, according to a police report.



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