Two people electrocuted while helping car crash victim

Scene of the accident 
By: Shifra Unger 

(Scroll down for video) Two people wanted to do a good deed by helping a car crash victim, but they died after being electrocuted.

The two good Samaritans in Los Angeles, California, died on Wednesday, after suffering electric shocks while trying to help a driver trapped inside an SUV that hit a fire hydrant and a power pole.

The accident exposed water to live cables. A fire spokesman said that the two aid workers, including six others were caught as they tried to help other victims after the accident on Wednesday night, in the San Fernando Valley.

"I saw a lady come out of nowhere," said Christie Vergini, who witnessed the accident. "She came, she entered the water and she fell on her back with her arms out," Vergini said.

She said that another woman who seemed to come to the aid of the first, also seemed to have been electrocuted.

"Everyone was panicking because they could not help the woman on the floor because of the power line," said Liz Casmier, another witness. "It was obvious she needed help," Casmier said.

One of the victims was a woman, who lived near the scene of the accident. She ran from her home to help the driver. The station reported that another victim was driving passed the scene with her husband, who stopped his car to help.

The driver of the truck was trying to turn a corner while driving onto Magnolia Boulevard at 8:30 p.m., lost control, hit the hydrant and hit the pole before coming to a stop in the front yard of a house where several people rushed to help.

The driver told a witness that the brakes of the vehicle stopped working, but another witness said he heard the screeching of brakes for about five seconds. Investigators said that excessive speed was likely a factor in the accident.

The six survivors had minor injuries. Five of them were hospitalized.

Firefighters worked to treat the injured and turned off the water and the power with the help of city workers.



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