Woman who was saved from suicide now faces death by firing squad

Woman being saved from jumping to her death 
By: John Roberts 

People were happy after they prevented a woman from committing suicide. However, her rescuers then learned that she will face the death penalty by a firing squad.

Family, friends and rescue service workers, were desperately trying to prevent the woman from jumping to her death.

They were forced to cling to the legs Sheng Fi when she threatened to jump from a nine-story building.

What they did not know was that she had strangled her four-year-old nephew, and it was just hours after she threw his body from the same roof in southern China.

Sheng had been embroiled in a bitter dispute with her sister-in-law, the boy's mother, and killed the child as a result of the fight.

She admitted to suffocating the boy and throwing his body from the building, which stands at 100 feet tall in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, before attempting to jump after him.

Inadvertently, rescue workers, who had been called after Sheng was seen on the roof, brought her daughter to talk her out from jumping after which they moved to grab her before the leap.

The horrible truth behind her suicide attempt was announced after she had been brought back from the brink.

"She admits that she had thrown the child's body from the roof,” a police spokesman said. “She's still going to die, but by a firing squad,” an official said.



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