The hottest public restroom in the world can be found in Brooklyn New York

Public restroom in Brooklyn New York 
By: John Roberts 

Everyone expects a public restroom to be dirty and smelly, however, there is one exception.

Public Comfort Station 2, on the boardwalk in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, even the garbage cans are dressed up nicely, with their utilitarian metal covered in burgundy fabric.

The sinks have pink skirts too, while the mirrors carry silk flower garlands, bottles of fruit-scented dispensing hand soap and plastic ferns standing in the corner.

Over the sinks, are rolled tributes to President Obama, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and to the people who have died on the beach. Near an entrance, a bamboo curtain window covering hangs, with tassels and fake roses. R & B tunes play on a set of speakers. Everything is spotlessly clean.

Welcome to the world of Hazel Chatman.

During her 16 years as the summer caretaker of the bathroom, Chapman has built a beautiful restroom on the layer of sterile metal and bone tiles, transforming a utilitarian space with 24 toilets and 6 sinks into one of the most unexpected public toilets in the city and perhaps in the world.

Chapman never wanted to work in a bathroom.

Her first job with the parks department of the city was cleaning the beach of Brighton Beach, which she liked because she got to spend her days out on the sand and sea.

Over 16 years ago, when the department moved her to clean Public Comfort Station 2, she protested, but she was told that she had no choice.

"However, if I had to spend my week working inside a bathroom, it was definitely not going to look like a typical public restroom," she said.

"I put my house here," she said. "It looks nice. I have some incentive to go to work," she also said.

This is the reason that the city has a public bathroom that is not small, smelly or dirty, and is a kind of holy grail in which the ladies of the boardwalk of Brighton Beach love to visit.



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