Cop fired and arrested after roughing up female hit-and-run driver

Abbi Bonds 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) Police officers have a difficult job. Their lives are in danger every time they stop a suspect, especially someone who was involved in a hit and run.

With his adrenalin rushing, Pensacola Florida Police Officer Christopher Geraci, stopped Abbi Bonds, who was believed to be the one who left the scene of an accident she caused earlier in the day.

When Bonds was pulled over, she came out of the car and began arguing with the officer while she continued talking on her cell phone.

The officer instructed her to get into the car but she disobeyed, so he walked over to arrest her. He grabbed her left arm and slammed her into the side of her car. He also grabbed the back of her head and slammed her again. When the officer was later asked why he was hitting Geraci, he claimed that she was resisting arrest.

After she was arrested, Bonds made a complaint to the police department. After the incident was investigated and reviewed, including the officer's dashboard camera, officer Geraci was fired, arrested and charged with assault.

Geraci, who has been eight years with the police department, tried to justify his actions, but the Pensacola police chief said that what he did was shocking and disappointing.



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