Man hoards three million bees in his Queens New York apartment

Lots of bees illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss 

Three million bees were pushed into one small New York apartment.

Authorities raided a house on Sunday, in Queens, New York, where a man was storing 3 million bees in 45 hives. He kept them all in his backyard.

The huge collection was exposed when the man tried to sell his house at 111 Street, and an astonished realtor saw the bees.

Bee collectors, including the leading bee expert of the New York Police Department, Detective Anthony Planakis, worked past 1:00 a.m. to remove the bee hives.

"There were more bees in this house than people in Queens," said Andrew Cote of the Association of New York beekeepers.

"There was literally no way for residents to leave their homes without facing a swarm of bees," he said.
The homeowner said he has been keeping bees since he was a child in China.

"I keep bees just like a dog or a pet," he said. Authorities however, said that this was not the way to keep them.

"Picture 45 dogs in an apartment," Cote said. "It is cruelty to the bees," he added.



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