Stuck accelerator sends woman on a 110 mile per hour ride

Lauri Ulvestad 
By: Debbie Gross 

(Scroll down for video) A nightmare situation happened to one woman, who was driving her car down the roadway.

An Iowa woman, whose accelerator got stuck while driving on Interstate 35 in Missouri, remained in control of the vehicle even when her speed topped 110 miles per hour. She drove her car several times on the median to avoid other drivers, the State Highway Patrol of Missouri, said.

A patrol spokesman, Sheldon Lyon, praised Lauri Ulvestad, 47, of Ames, Iowa, for avoiding bumping her Kia Sorento 2011, when she weaved through traffic and a construction zone, with no way to slow down.

"Not only did she have to drive fast, but she had to go to the middle, and pull back up on the pass line. It was really amazing to see her do that repeatedly," said Lyon.

Ulvestad was driving north on the interstate near Bethany, Missouri, on Sunday, when she realized that her accelerator was stuck. Panicked, she called police, and soon two state troopers caught up with her. One pulled in front of her to alert traffic ahead, while the other stayed behind her.

Lyon said the three cars covered 59 miles in 35 minutes before the woman's car suddenly slowed and stopped on the inside shoulder near Osceola, Iowa, about 40 miles north of the state line.

Ulvestad said that she was told by police to lift the accelerator and apply the brake.
"So I did, and the car went from 119 mph to like nothing," she said.

Lyon said that Ulvestad had tried everything the 911 operator, who was in constant contact with the headquarters of the Highway Police in Jefferson City, told her to do, even trying to shift the vehicle to neutral.

A Kia spokesperson said that this was an isolated incident.



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