Mexican police shoot two U.S. diplomats

U.S. embassy vehicle destroyed by Mexican police 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

Violence in Mexico, exploded sharply in recent weeks, and two U.S. diplomats came under fire by the police.

Mexican federal police fired on a U.S. diplomatic vehicle while chasing criminals south of Mexico City, in a chaotic incident that left two employees of the U.S. embassy injured.

The two employees were given medical treatment and were in stable condition, the governments of Mexico and the U.S. said in separate statements. A Mexican Navy captain, who was with them, was also slightly injured.

A statement from the U.S. Embassy said that the car was "ambushed by a group of individuals." It said that the Mexican government also admitted that federal police fired on the vehicle and arrested the officers who were involved. The Mexican attorney general's office said that 12 federal police officers were questioned.

Federal police were conducting anti-crime operations in the area when the incident occurred, the Navy of Mexico and the Ministry of Public Security said in a joint statement.

The car of the U.S. Embassy was on a dirt road in the direction of a military installation in El Capulin, when an unidentified vehicle approached it, whose passengers showed weapons.

"The driver used evasive maneuvers when the vehicle's passengers opened fire," the statement added. "Moments later, three more cars joined the chase and shot at the vehicle of the U.S. embassy," according to reports.

The Mexican government statement did not specify to whom the four vehicles belonged to, or whether it was police bullets that struck the three victims.

They said that the car "was hit by bullets of federal police personnel in the Tres Marias-Huitzilac road.

The U.S. State Department said in a brief statement that the two embassy employees had received "adequate medical care and are in stable condition."

"We are working with Mexican authorities to investigate an incident this morning in which two employees of our embassy in Mexico City, were attacked by unknown assailants," said State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland.



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