Girls in Japan paying to have deformed teeth

Japanese girl with deformed teeth 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) Girls in Japan are starting a hot new trend. They believe that having deformed teeth enhances their attractiveness.

In the U.S., people spend thousands of dollars to have perfectly straight teeth, but a completely different trend has taken off in Japan. Many teen girls have undergone dental procedures to lengthen teeth, or to produce an imperfect tooth. Some say it enhances their appearance.

Yaeba in Japanese means "double tooth". Many of the younger children are familiar with the schoolyard taunt "snaggletooth", which is common before orthodontics was launched for teens. However, many young Japanese want "snaggleteeth" and pay for it.

Some Japanese men allegedly find crooked teeth friendly and attractive. For others, this slight imperfection makes beautiful women more accessible. Celebrities celebrate yaeba eagerly by smiling for the cameras to show their protruding fangs.

The girls are coming to dental yaeba salons. Fashion is the most requested cosmetic procedure provided by Plaisir Dental Salon in Ginza, Tokyo.

In the Plaisir Dental Salon, dentists glue artificial canine teeth to patients in the temporary adhesive purpose room. This transformation is not permanent though.



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