Hospital throws kidney prepared for transplant into the trash

University of Toledo Medical Center 
By: Moses Gold 

A good kidney that was ready to be transplanted into a patient was accidentally thrown into the trash.

An Ohio nurse accidentally put the kidney in the trash, causing the University of Toledo Medical Center to suspend its living donor program as it investigates the incident.

Doctors tried to resuscitate the kidney from the living donor, but it was useless.

"We cannot imagine the disappointment that those affected have experienced over the past week. The University cannot begin to express the pain we feel that this unfortunate incident happened. We sincerely apologize," Dr. Jeffrey P. Gold, University of Toledo rector and dean of the Faculty of Medicine, said in a statement.

The hospital has voluntarily suspended its program of living organ donor, and two nurses were placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

"We are in the process of evaluating how this happened, and we are committed to ensure safeguards are in place to prevent an incident like this from happening again," said Gold, adding that the hospital was receiving help from experts inside and outside of the institution.

The University of Toledo Medical Center has performed more than 1,700 kidney transplants since the program began in 1972, with a success rate of 98 percent, according to the hospital.

A spokesman said the transplant program is expected to resume in the coming weeks.



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