Women in Togo go on sex strike

Women of the civil rights group "Save Togo" 
By: Debbie Gross 

Women will use sex as a weapon against the president of a country.

Women in the civil rights group "Save Togo”, said they will hold a week long sex strike to demand the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbe.

“The plan is for women to withhold sex from their husbands for a week. The protest will start on Monday,” said Isabelle Ameganvi, leader of the women's group. She said the strike will urge men to take action against Togo’s Gnassingbe.

Ameganvi, a lawyer, said that this group is following the example of the women of Liberia, who used a sex strike in 2003 to campaign for peace.

"We have many means to force men to understand what women want in Togo," said Ameganvi.

"If men refuse to hear our cries we will hold other types of protests that will be more powerful than a sex strike," she said during a demonstration of several thousand on Saturday, in the capital city.



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