Fisherman catches $450,000 fish

The $450,000 fish 
By: Moses Gold 

Sometimes, all it takes is just one good catch.

A fisherman, whose identity has not been revealed, caught a Chinese Bahaba or giant yellow croaker, off the coast of Fujian province last week.

After a bidding war, a local fishmonger paid three million yuan or $450,000 for the fish that weighed 176 pounds, amounting to $2,500 per pound.

The fisherman said that he had found the fish floating on the sea surface so it was an easy catch. The size of the fish caught the attention of his countrymen, and the sample was quickly identified.

After the auction, the fisherman said he would use the windfall to buy a bigger boat.

The Chinese Bahaba or Bahaba taipingensis, can reach up to 6 feet and 7 inches long, and can weigh more than 220 pounds. It is particularly appreciated for its swim bladder, which is used by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine to cure diseases of the heart and lungs.

However, it has been fished almost to extinction, and fishery resources in the Yangtze River estuary, and the Pearl River in the south, also have been affected by pollution.



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