Vladimir Putin owns 58 jets and four yachts

Vladimir Putin 
By: Shifra Unger 

A new report prepared by a political opponent of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, suggests that he has 58 airplanes and helicopters in use, has a collection of watches worth $600,000 and relaxes in over 20 palaces and country retreats.

The report also states that Putin uses an Ilyushin jet with a cabin worth about $160 million, including a bathroom that has finishes of real gold and a $75,000 sink.

He also has at his disposal 4 yachts worth millions of dollars.

Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister, concluded in his report that the existence of Putin "is comparable to that of the Persian Gulf monarchs or an outrageous oligarch."

It was also noted that the reported income of Putin in 2011, was just $120,000. The report noted that according to his official reported income we cannot begin to explain how Putin acquired all these items.

The Russian leader, 59, has often played the poor card of his terrible youth to gain popular support. He once described how as a child he had to beat aside rats with a stick at the entrance to his parents' apartment in a St. Petersburg communal house.



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