Twelve police officers in Mexico arrested for shooting at U.S. diplomats

U.S. embassy vehicle shot out with bullets 
By: John Roberts 

At least 12 federal police officers opened fire at U.S. embassy diplomats in Mexico.

A judge ruled on Monday, that the 12 police officers accused of opening fire on the vehicle of the U.S. Embassy and wounding two embassy employees, should be detained, in an incident that has roiled relations between the United States and Mexico, and placed fresh attention to serious problems within Mexico's top police agency.

U.S. and Mexican officials have offered incomplete official accounts of the shooting incident that do not relate to the possible reason why the Mexican federal police opened fire on an armored SUV with diplomatic plates carrying a Mexican Navy captain and two employees of the U.S. embassy.

The federal police officers were ordered detained under a form of house arrest for 40 days on suspicion of abusing their authority. This charge may involve both criminal wrongdoing and gross negligence.

This leaves open the possibility of both a deliberate attack on Americans by corrupt officials or a serious error on the part of a police operation that was well-intentioned but trigger-happy in a dangerous area.

Experts said that in any case, there is cause for pessimism about the federal police, which has long been considered the best hope to gain control of the fight against organized crime.



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