Mother claims she murdered her little son because she had mercy

Gigi Jordan with her son Jude 
By: Moses Gold 

A mother is being charged with murder after killing her little son in an expensive hotel room in New York.

This is going to be a murder trial with a twist.

Gigi Jordan, 51, a self-made millionaire pharmacist accused of killing her 8-year-old son, is now jailed in a windowless room in Rikers Island, dressed in a baggy suit and no makeup. Her lawyers are Stephen Murphy, world renowned Alan Dershowitz and Ron Kuby.

In an emotional interview, she said that the alleged mobbed-up business from her first husband, Ray Mirra, and the alleged sexual abuse of the child with special needs, Jude, by his biological father, her second husband Emil TZEKOV, caused her to resort to the "mercy killing" of her son.

She also attempted suicide on February 4, 2010, in a suite costing $2,300 a night at the Peninsula hotel.

These are the things true crime books and movies are full of.

"The Manhattan district attorney called me a child murderer," said Jordan, who offers a look at her unique defense strategy.

"But I tried to kill myself, along with my son to save him from a life of sexual torture. I took Jude to the best doctors and hospitals available. I spent my life loving and caring for Jude," she said.

Jordan said that she had no reason to "murder" her son, who died of a drug overdose.



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