Two men beat each other with crutches in New York City

Two men fight each other with crutches 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

(Scroll down for video) The scene is not usually seen except in a movie. People on the street were watching two grown men beat each other with crutches in New York City.

An argument outside of Office Depot in Times Square, New York City, became a vicious physical altercation with two men hitting each other with a pair of metal crutches and even a police barricade.

The man who had been using crutches was apparently "miraculously" cured during the fight with a man wearing shorts.

Sunday's incident was caught on video and posted on YouTube by Denis Godnenko. He described the man on crutches as homeless, and the fight continued for more than a few minutes without any police intervention, but with lots of gawking from the crowd.

The altercation began when the tourist allegedly took a photo of the man on crutches, Godnenko said.

"That bothered the homeless man, and suddenly, instead of using his crutches to walk they were used to beat each other," he said.

The tourist took a police barricade, and the two men eventually ended up armed with a crutch, hitting each other until the crutches fell apart.

The identities of the individuals were not immediately known and it was unclear whether either was arrested. The police arrived about five minutes after the altercation, Godnenko said.



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