Man holds house party at Ikea

Guy holds house party in an IKEA display room 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) A man, who was in the mood for a party, did not have a nice place where to hold it so he took his beer and his music, and headed to an Ikea display showroom.

He sat down on the couch and he was ready to party, but he was lonely so he got some shoppers to dance with him.

After a while, he had a nice crowd at his party. That’s when Ikea’s store security personnel came by to stop the party, and they sent the mischievous man home.

“There is never any staff around at Ikea, whenever I need help there is no one there to help me,” complained one costumer.

It is surprising that not one Ikea salesperson came by to see what is going on or if a customer needed help. It may very well be that the man who threw the party has shopped at that Ikea before, and after seeing that there were no sales people around, he figured that it was a good place to chill out and hold his party.

All participants at the party had a good time at this unexpected party.



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