Women sue plastic surgeon for posting their breast implant pictures online

Before and after breast implants illustration 
By: Moses Gold 

Women were outraged after seeing their breast implants photos posted on their doctor’s website for the whole world to see.

A group of women are now suing the plastic surgeon in St. Louis, Missouri, after discovering that their anonymous before and after pictures of breast enhancement surgeries were appearing online in Google searches by their name.

More than 40 patients in Kirkwood, Missouri, of Dr. Michele Koo, were surprised to find topless pictures of themselves online attached to their names after undergoing plastic surgery, and at least 10 of them are suing the doctor for overexposing them.

In a lawsuit filed against Dr. Koo, the women claim that the doctor was negligent in allowing the images to be published along with identifying information.

The doctor's lawyers said the fault lies with MedNet, the company that designed the website, while MedNet said Koo is responsible, because the doctor's office created the content.

"We went out of our way telling them vigorously, to check the website," said CEO John Pellman of MedNet. "The responsibility lies with individual physicians to ensure that their content were anonymous," Pellman said.

The plastic surgery patients often allow their images be used on the websites of the doctors in the hope that the images will be anonymous and not reveal faces or names.

According to court documents, release forms signed by patients of Dr. Koo state explicitly, "Neither I nor any member of my family will be identified by name in any publication."



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