FBI looking for ninja robber after string of robberies in Florida

Ninja robber during a robbery 
By: Eva Fett 

After a string of robberies by a ninja robber in Florida, the FBI is stepping in to take him off the street.

The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information that can identify the elusive "ninja burglar", police said.

The robber hit many convenience stores in South Florida, dressed like a ninja. His costume consists of a black cloth with a small opening for the eyes. However, his erratic behavior while brandishing a weapon is what worries officials, said North Miami Beach Police Chief Thomas Charney.

"It happens very often, aggression is rising and an innocent person is going to get hurt," Charney said. If the ninja thief is cornered, police fear that he could kill someone.

During one robbery, a security camera recorded the man pointing his gun directly at the head of a teenage girl while pushing her against the table with the other hand. The clerk quickly emptied his cash register in a plastic bag before the criminal disappeared from the scene.

The first robbery was at a Kwik Stop in North Miami Beach, on May 12. Since then, he held up at least 11 different convenience stores and gas stations.

Anyone with information about these robberies should contact the FBI's Miami Division at 305-944-9101.



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