Boy finds $63,000 worth of whale vomit

Charlie Naysmith shows off whale vomit 
By: Debbie Gross 

Most people do not even know such a thing exists, but one little boy hit the jackpot at the beach.

Charlie Naysmith, 8, found a piece of ambergris on the beach at Hengistbury Head near Bournemouth, England. Ambergris is the polite term for whale vomit, and this important piece could be worth thousands of dollars to perfume companies.

If the parents of Charlie Naysmith had known the strange substance he found on a British beach was whale vomit, they would have probably told him not to touch it.

However, the 8-year-old’s curiosity got the better of him, and he will be richer for it.

What Charlie found in front of Bournemouth Hengistbury was a piece of ambergris, and it could be worth up to $63,000.00.

Ambergris is a waxy substance, solid as a rock that is formed in the intestines of a sperm whale. Aambergris is very rare and highly sought after by manufacturers of perfumes, as it makes scents last longer. Possession of Ambergris is illegal in the U.S. since 1972, because it comes from endangered sperm whales.

It takes years of floating on salt water for it to stop smelling of vomit and start smelling sweet.
Charlie found the piece that weighs 21 ounces, and his father, Alex says they are waiting for marine biologists to examine and determine exactly how much it's worth, probably between $15,000 and $63,000.

Charlie, a nature enthusiast in the making, said he could use the money from his lucky find to build a habitat for animals.



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