Brazil allows three people to get married as one union

One man married to two women in one union 
By: Moses Gold 

Some prefer to marry the opposite sex, while some choose to marry the same sex, now, in a new attempt in improving human rights, one man can marry two women as one union.

A woman has the right to choose if she wants to abort her baby, as well as the right to choose to marry another woman, now, she has the right to choose to marry a man and a woman in one union.

“What we considered a family before isn't necessarily what we would consider a family today," said an official in Brazil.

The world calls it bigamy, but Public Notary Claudia do Nascimento Domingues of Brazil, calls it a human rights issue. Ms. Domingues sparked controversy after she allowed a man and two women to get married in a civil union.

“The man and the two women should be entitled to family rights, there is no law preventing such a union,” she said.

The threesome has lived together as a married entity for three years and share bills and a bank account. "We are only recognizing what has always existed. We are not inventing anything," Domingues said.

It is known that some Christians and Muslims marry multiple women. There have been cases where Christians were arrested for the crime of bigamy and they were branded as cult leaders.

Many people including lawyer Regina Beatriz Tavares de Silva call this marriage “absurd and totally illegal. This is something completely unacceptable which goes against Brazilian values and morals."

Silva, who is president of the Commission for the Rights of the Family, said that the union would not be allowed to remain in place. She might have said the same about gay marriage, which is now a reality.



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