Man sues orthodontist for leaving him with braces for 11 years

Devin Bost 
By: Eva Fett 

An orthodontist left braces on the teeth of a man for more than 11 years until all his teeth were rotten, according to a new lawsuit filed this week.

Devin Bost, of Portland, Oregon, is suing his orthodontist for about $200,000 for leave the braces on his teeth for 11 years, leading to irreversible rotten teeth, his lawyer said.

Bost, 22, first visited tooth Dr. Brad Chvatal, when he was 7-years-old. He lived in Eugene at the time.

Bost returned to the office over the next few years, though not as regularly as he should have, his lawyer admitted, but the doctor never took off the braces, the lawsuit said.

Suddenly, in June 2008, Bost, then 18-years-old, received an urgent call from the orthodontist saying he had to come in and have his braces removed immediately, his lawyer, David Hollander said.

Usually, children wear braces for two or three years.

Bost’s braces were on for so long that many of his teeth were rotten while his gums required some serious work, Hollander said.

Chvatal said the case was more complicated than it seemed, and Bost was given the best care he could receive.

Braces alone do not damage the teeth, but they make the teeth more difficult to clean, and could accelerate the decomposition if the user is not careful to keep it clean, according to experts.

"If you do not have the best hygiene, you run the risk of decalcification of teeth," said Dr. John F. Buzzatto, president of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Bost is asking $150,000 for pain and suffering, plus $35,100 to cover expenses of oral surgery and periodontics.



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