Facebook starts canceling fake 'likes'

Facebook like symbol 
By: John Roberts 

If you suddenly see the Facebook ‘likes’ on your page decreasing sharply, you should know that Facebook is behind this.

Facebook ramped up efforts this week, to get rid of "likes" from people who are not genuinely interested in giving a thumbs up to the virtual pages on the leading social network in the world.

"We have recently increased our efforts to eliminate automated likes on pages that may have been obtained by means that violate our terms of service," the Facebook security team said in a blog.

"Our new automated technique will eliminate likes acquired by malware, compromised accounts, or those likes that were purchased in bulk," the statement said.

Facebook has always given its members the opportunity to endorse social network pages by clicking the like icon.

The high number of likes can increase the status of a page, especially those dedicated to brands.

"A like from someone not really interested in connecting with anyone does not benefit the page," Facebook said.

"This improvement will produce content pages that are increasingly relevant and interesting, and the marks will be an increase in the actual participation around their content," according to Facebook.

Facebook expects that less than one percent of likes on a certain page will be cut as a result of the suppression of fake likes.



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