Innocent California skateboarder beaten by police

Riding a skateboard illustration 
By: Sarah Weiss 

(Scroll down for video) Ronald Wheatley Jr. was skateboarding down a California street in Venice.

As he was near his front lawn of his house, police suddenly attacked him and slammed him to the ground.
Ronald Wheatley Jr. said that no words were exchanged between him and law enforcement officials before the sudden attack.

When his father, who is a local minister arrived to the scene, police blocked him from getting near his son.
Ronald thought he was going to be killed by police on his own front lawn.

After police saw that they were being recorded by numerous neighbors who gathered on the scene after hearing the victim’s screams, the police officers started shouting that Ronald should stop resisting arrest.

“There is a dangerous trend recently. Every time police officers are caught with misconduct they say the suspect was resisting arrest. This has to stop,” a local human rights activist said.