Supportive husband promotes his wife with a ‘Please Hire My Wife’ billboard

Please Hire My Wife billboard 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) Holly Stuard is a well-educated woman with great qualifications including an MBA, and experience in both business and academic sectors.

Holly Stuard was employed at the University of Toledo, but she lost her job a year ago due to budget cuts.

"Over the last five or six months, a few opportunities came along that looked really positive, but unfortunately, they just didn't work out," husband Brandon Stuard said.

He loves his wife and desperately wanted to help her find a job. In this economy it is very difficult to find a good job, so he came up with an idea that he hopes will bring a lot of attention to his wife, and hopefully land his wife a job.

Brandon rented a billboard space, which cost him $700. He put up a sign with a picture of his wife along with her qualifications. The billboard read, "Please Hire My Wife”, as well as an email address, hiremywife@yahoo.com.

Brandon Stuard admits he purchased the billboard without first telling his wife, but so far, she has appreciated the gesture.

"I think I definitely would have said no, I would have thought it would have been too embarrassing to have my face up on a billboard, but now, I'm having fun with it, and hopefully a good opportunity will come out of it", said his wife Holly Stuard.