Toddlers ordered to bring their own desks to school

Parents taking school furniture to school 
By: Sarah Weiss 

Three-year-old Wang Ziqi started the first day of kindergarten in the village of Changchong, Macheng in China's Hubei Province.

Walking behind Wang are his little sister and grandmother, carrying the desk and chair to be used to study in school. Due to the shortage of desks and chairs, students at the Nangang and Changchong villages of Shunhe town in Hubei province, have been asked to bring their own school furniture.

The Shunhe city schools have a total of 5,000 students, but only 2,000 desks and chairs are available to them at the school. The other 3,000 will have to be provided by the families of the students.

Wang Ziqi's sister and grandmother are seen carrying the desk and a chair for the first day of school in the village of Changchong, Macheng in China's Hubei Province. “It is a very long and difficult way,” they said.

Part of the problem is the corruption from local officials, taking money from the central government that was given for the schools and just keeping the money for themselves.



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