Doing housework cuts breast cancer risk

Woman gardening 
By: Moses Gold 

Women who want a reduced chance of getting breast cancer, all they need to do is some housework, according to new research.

Leading an active life, which includes housework, walking and gardening, can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, a new study that was published this week shows.

The European Prospective Investigation Of Cancer, found that women who participate in moderate to high levels of exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 13 percent.

The research examined the relationship between diet, lifestyle and the disease in more than 8,000 women, who had breast cancer.

They found that those who were physically active were 13 percent less likely to develop the disease than those who were inactive. Women who exercised moderately had an 8 percent cut in their breast cancer rate.

Sarah Williams from Cancer Research U.K., said: "This study itself is not entirely new news,” but fits well with what we know about breast cancer and physical activity.

The good news is that this research doesn’t just look at the time spent in the gym, this is basically something about getting a little out of breath, getting a little warm activity, not just very strenuous exercise.



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