McDonald's set to open first fully vegetarian restaurant

McDonald's store 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

In order to capture the market in Hindu and Muslim communities, McDonald's in India will go vegetarian.

In the near future, McDonald's will open its first vegetarian fast food restaurant near the Golden Temple in Amritsar, northern India.

"This is the first time that we will open a vegetarian restaurant in the world. When you look at the potential of the country, it is one of the top priority countries. Now, we are laying the groundwork for capturing this market,” said McDonald's spokesman Rajesh Kumar Maini.

McDonald’s in India, already has a menu that is 50 percent vegetarian, with “McAloo Tikki,” a spicy chips based burger, as their best seller.

There is a great opportunity for vegetarian restaurants because many people in these communities do not eat meat and pork since it is not allowed for religious reasons.

Right now, McDonald’s has almost 33,000 fast food restaurants around the world, but they are still quite new in India, as they only have 271 restaurants in that country.



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