Girl, 4, found alive under pile of dead bodies

Scene of the crime 
By: Moses Gold 

In a horrific scene, police found a little girl alive under a pile of dead bodies.

French police found the girl, about 4-years-old, alive in a car with the dead bodies of three adult family members after a horrific shooting attack on a family of British tourists on a remote road in the French Alps.

The English-speaking girl was discovered around midnight Wednesday, nestled between the front and rear of the British-registered BMW, under the legs of two dead women thought to be her mother and grandmother, a prosecutor said.

Apparently, too scared to move, she went unnoticed by police for eight hours until detectives finally opened the doors of the car standing in a forest road near Lake Annecy, to initiate a forensic inspection.

"She is clearly shaken but she is doing well. She is not injured," said prosecutor Eric Annecy Maillaud in an evening press conference.

"She began to smile and speak English as soon as she was carried away from the car," Maillaud said, adding that she had been transferred to a hospital in the city of Grenoble.

A man believed to be the father of the girl was found dead in the driver's seat of the car when police arrived at the scene on Wednesday afternoon.

A fourth victim, a man who appeared to be a local cyclist, was found dead in the area, and a girl of about 8 in the vicinity, who is believed to be the sister of the youngest child, was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries.

"She was very badly hit and apparently has a fractured skull," said Maillaud.

People in the area said that they had seen a vehicle fleeing the scene of the crime at the time a passerby saw the bodies. The car belonged to a British citizen, who had left his identity documents at a nearby campsite, Maillaud said. The dead cyclist appeared to be a local man, whose wife had reported him missing.

Police who arrived at the scene around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, did not see the girl at first because they were awaiting the arrival of forensic investigators before opening the car doors.



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