82-year-old man arrested after brutally shooting his son-in-law

Nicolas Markin 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

A Texas man apparently hated his son-in-law to death.

Police said last week, that an 82-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday, after being accused of shooting his son-in-law in a Far North Dallas cul-de-sac.

One day later, 52-year-old Douglas Brady, was recovering in a hospital, in good condition despite being shot in the stomach and then chased down the street by a gunman believed to suffer from dementia.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Markin, the shooter, was in jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. With eyes open, short and slender in his mug shot, it is difficult to believe that he was capable of such a crime.

The residents of the block in Spring Creek Place, believe that Markin is mentally ill in old age, and away from his family.

Living across the street, Marjorie Callagher said that she had seen him occasionally walking around the back of the house where Douglas Brady and Martha were raising their two children.

Martha Brady looked out the patio door around noon on Wednesday, to see her father in the back yard. She told police that she did not see her father hiding a gun in the grass.

Armed with a baseball bat, Douglas Brady went outside to scare his father-in-law off the property. A police report said that the men began to "push and shove." Then Markin took out the gun.

After being shot at least twice, once in the arm and once in the stomach, Brady escaped across the street.

"Doug was sitting there dripping blood," said John Callagher. "He yelled, ‘I've been shot!’" He added.

While his wife ran to get a belt to stop the bleeding, John Callagher called 911. He was still on the phone when he saw Markin cross toward his house.

“He was walking as fast as he could," said John Callagher, but still weak, holding the gun on his hip.
Brady started running again.

According to a police report, Markin still pursued Brady when the first police officer arrived on the scene. Seeing them, Markin turned and walked through the front door of his daughter’s house.

Inside, his two grandchildren were locked in a back room. They later told police that they heard Markin moving while officers surrounded the house.

After a brief confrontation, Markin placed the gun on the front porch, left the house and surrendered peacefully. His family left soon after, John Callagher said, while the children were in shock and Martha Brady was "shaking like a leaf."



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