Father watches as man orders his pit bull to attack his son

The suspects 
By: David Ross 

A father just watched and cheered as a man ordered his pit bull to attack his son, police said.

A Wisconsin homeowner, who accused an 18-year-old man of stealing, tied his ankles together, hanged him upside down from the rafters of the porch and ordered his pit bull to attack him while the boy's father stood there and looked, a police official said.

Authorities responded to a house in the town of Osceola, last week, after a person who arrived at the scene called 911, sheriff's Lt. Cameron McGee said.

"During our investigation we learned that the 58-year-old homeowner had accused the 18-year-old man of robbery, and ordered his pit bull to attack the teen as a form of interrogation," McGee said. "After more discussion, the man called the dog to attack the teen a second time while the victim's father just watched,” McGee said.

The homeowner tied the 18-year-old around the ankles, dragged him out, hanged him upside down from the rafters of the porch and ordered the dog to attack again, McGee said. He added that the father of the teen may have participated in the interrogation.
The teen was treated for dog bites all over his body, McGee said.

"It's a little scary that something like this would happen and a father will stand by and do nothing," said McGee. "It is simply outrageous,” he added.

Deputies recommended that the homeowner be charged with false imprisonment, aggravated assault, bail jumping and being part of the crime of negligent handling of a dangerous weapon. The father, a 43-year-old from New Berlin, is expected to face similar charges along with failure to help a victim.



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