Egyptian minister arrested in London after groping a woman

Ebrahim Khalil Ahmed 
By: Moses Gold 

An Egyptian minister was arrested in London, England, after groping a female tourist.

The Egyptian minister supposedly cried, trying to claim diplomatic immunity and then tried to present himself as the victim of a cultural misunderstanding, after being arrested and fined for allegedly groping a young female tourist in London this week.

Ebrahim Khalil Ahmed, 56, an Egyptian Minister of Sport Paralympic, who was accompanying his country’s athletes, was delivering the Egyptian flag insignia to people outside a luxury hotel where he was staying when he approached a young woman with the pretext of telling her where the insignia pin belongs.

The victim, 25, who was with her mother and younger brother, "was surprised, embarrassed, felt violated and upset," said the prosecutor of the Court of Magistrates in the City of London, where Mr. Khalil was produced on Tuesday, after spending two days in police custody.

The court heard that images of security cameras “showed the minister approaching the three family members and kissing the victim's mother. Then, the defendant approached, pointed his right index finger and pinched her right breast," said Regina Naughton for the prosecution.

Even after the woman pushed him away and her mother asked "What is this?" Mr. Khalil persisted.

Mr. Khalil, who does not speak English and listened to the proceedings through an interpreter, said he was simply trying to tell "her where to put the badge". He said he did not quite understand what he had done wrong, but wanted to apologize.

His defense lawyer said the minister had "an absolutely exemplary record and this is the first time he has been in any trouble."

Mr. Khalil, father of three, apparently wept when the judge ordered him to pay a fine of 160 pounds. He was also ordered to pay £100 in court costs, £100 compensation to the woman, and a £15 "victim surcharge."

“He got away pretty cheap for his crime,“ a witness said.



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