Couple beaten and jailed after taking home their baby from the hospital

David and Beverley Fish with their baby 
By: Eva Fett 

A couple, who was on their way home from the hospital after giving birth to a baby, was suddenly beaten up and jailed by police.

The couple was left with bruises and black eyes after the hospital security staff assaulted them when they tried to take home their newborn daughter.

David and Beverley Fish spent six months looking forward to the day that their daughter, Ellie-Suzanne, who was born after only 23 weeks of pregnancy, will be able to go home.

However, when the couple of Fishponds, Bristol, United Kingdom, tried to leave the Bristol Children's Hospital with their girl after a consultant in charge said she could go home, they were stopped by four security staff.

The couple claimed that they were jumped on by the guards, and when Mrs. Fish passed her daughter, who was still attached to oxygen to a friend, she was slammed into a fire door.

David sustained bloodshot eyes and bruises, and Beverley was left with a black eye from the incident.

David, 47, said: "We were told by a doctor in the hospital that we can take Ellie home overnight and then bring her back in the morning. It would have been the first time she had ever come home, or went outside the hospital. We talked to the doctor and he said it was absolutely fine and we could take her home now, so I got everything together. When we saw the guards coming we did not realize that something was wrong. As Beverley and I tried to leave, four guards stopped us, and we were injured after they tried to keep us in the hospital."

Police were called and they took pictures of the couple’s injuries.

The couple said it was not until 5:00 a.m. the next day, when they were together again, after spending the night in separate jail cells.

After the incident, they were not allowed to visit their daughter for two weeks.



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