Business owners cut off hand of man demanding to get paid

Aliyaar with a missing hand 
By: David Ross 

A man who broke the law by running an illegal wine-making business, thought he would get away with another crime.

Indian villager Aliyaar was a wood chopper, who supplied the brewery with wood from the nearby forests.

The owners of the illegal brewery, Ram Singh Yadav and Uday Yadav, refused to pay Aliyaar what they owed him for three months supply of wood.

On Sunday, Aliyaar came to the brewery and insisted that he is not leaving until he gets the money he is owed so he can feed his family.

Instead of paying the man the vicious proprietors, Ram Singh Yadav and Uday Yadav, punished the man by beating him up and chopping off his hand with an axe.

Aliyaar was taken to Ranchi's Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, while he was bleeding profusely. Now, Aliyaar will not be able to work for the rest of his life.

“One of the owners, who is believed to have cut the hand off, was arrested after the incident and we are looking for the other,” said Police Superintendent Mical Raj.

The illegal alcohol business is run by local strong men. They use the services of the local villagers, often exploiting them, physically abusing them and often refusing to pay them.

Aliyaar, who is now in stable condition said: “Ram Singh Yadav and his brother beat me up and then cut off my hand. I fell unconscious immediately. I don't remember how many other men were present there, only God knows how I will feed my family now.”

“He used to cut wood and earn some money for us. We are a 10-member family, how will we survive and what will we eat now?” The victim's wife asked.



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