McDonald's refused to let married couple sit beside each other

Couple sitting with each other 
By: Moses Gold 

Noman Ansari works as an exporter in Pakistan. Ansari and his wife were on their way home from a friend’s birthday party after midnight, when they decided to stop to eat at Karachi’s newest McDonald’s restaurant in Pakistan.

Having never been inside of this new McDonald’s branch, they decided to have their food inside. After getting their order, the couple decided to sit next to each other so they can watch TV.

As soon as they sat down, an employee came over to them and told the couple that such behavior would have a negative impact on the "Islamic family atmosphere" of the restaurant.

As Ansari sat with his wife, he put he put his arm on the seat behind her shoulder. The McDonald’s employee demanded he move to the chair across from her.

Ansari asked the employee why he could not sit next to his wife, and the employee replied: "Sir, this is a family restaurant, so couples sitting together is against McDonald’s policy in Pakistan, as it goes against the Islamic family atmosphere of the restaurant.”

Ansari informed the McDonald’s employee that he was married to the woman, and the employee said: "I'm sorry sir, but you cannot sit side by side."

Ansari decided to take up the matter with two managers, who told him: "this policy is a decision by management because couples, even married ones, sitting next to each other brings a negative impact on the family atmosphere at the Islamic McDonald’s."

Ansari said that he had seen couples sitting together before while growing up in Saudi Arabia. The three McDonald’s employees involved in the incident claim that they are not Muslim extremists, they are just following orders from senior management.



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