Man gets final wish to be buried in a Budweiser casket

Budweiser casket 
By: Eva Fett 

Leon Wesley, 71, died on Sunday, after losing a battle with prostate cancer.

Wesley had been known throughout Maringouin, Louisiana, as a major fan of Budweiser. He was rarely seen without a red plastic cup full of beer of his choice.

When he died this past weekend, few people were surprised by his last wish, to be buried in a coffin in honor of his favorite beer.

“Our store was a daily stop for Wesley. He came in everyday to buy a bottle of Budweiser beer and cigarettes,” an employee of the local Junior Mart said.

Wesley’s sister Jackie said: “Leon was a comedian. He loved to make people laugh all the time. He always put his foot behind his head. We were always afraid that his foot will get stuck and we'd have to call the paramedics to help him.

His sister Jackie, who runs a funeral home in Maringouin, Louisiana, pledged to honor his last wish of being buried in a Budweiser coffin.

Wesley’s coffin was specially ordered to fit his six foot seven frame adorned with the logo of his beloved beverage manufacturer Budweiser.

Jackie said that she has had experience with unconventional final wishes from grieving families in the past.

“A year ago, a man asked to bury his father in a bed as per his father’s wish. So we brought in a bed with his pajamas and robe on, along with a Butterfinger in his hands,” Wesley said.



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