New York Police sued after beating suspect charged only with resisting arrest

New York Police Department marked car illustration 
By: Eva Fett 

New York Police were slammed with a lawsuit after beating a 19-year-old suspect, who they only were able to charge with resisting arrest.

A Bronx man filed a lawsuit last week against New York City and two of its police officers, he said gave him a brutal and sadistic beating that was recorded on video by a neighbor, which led to a grand jury dropping all charges filed after the incident.

Court documents said that Luis Solivan, 19, was walking home after buying cigarettes last year, when a car marked NYPD made a sudden U-turn toward him with blasting sirens.

Solivan ran into his apartment. New York Police Department police officers DeKoker Thomas and Brian O'Keeffe, allegedly broke down his door, pepper-sprayed him in the face and took turns holding him down while the other punched and kicked him, as his mother and two younger brothers watched in horror.

Solivan was slapped with a series of charges including assault and resisting arrest, but a grand jury refused to indict after seeing a single minute cell phone video shot through the window of the basement apartment, his lawyer said.

Lawyer Ilann Maazel also said it was unclear why police had chased Solivan, who at the time was awaiting sentencing in a 2010 stabbing.

"The police did not charge him with anything other than what they say happened in the apartment," said Maazel.

"I cannot get inside the head of the police. I do not know why they would brutally beat a young man like that," he said.

The Manhattan fedral court suit seeks unspecified damages for reasons including excessive force, false arrest and malicious prosecution.

DeKoker was among three police officers ordered to pay $500,000 in punitive damages earlier this year in a case of police brutality unrelated to this one, according to court documents.



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