Controversy over 'Slow-Heaven is full’ anti-speeding sign

George and Mary Truell 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

An elderly couple was fed up with people speeding near their house, so they put up an anti-speeding sign on their property that said, "Slow - Heaven is Full," in an attempt to get drivers to slow down.

George and Mary Truell said that they don’t mind people using the road as a shortcut to the new housing complex that was recently built, all they want is for the drivers to drive safely and not speed.

Highway officials said that the sign is illegal. The Truells refuse to remove the sign saying that they have the right to have the sign up because it is on their own property and wanted to prevent accidents.

The sign was paid for and put up by Truells’ son after he saw his parent having a difficult time crossing the street because of the speeding cars.

Mary Truell said: "We know we live on a main road and we accept the idea that it has a lot of traffic, but speeding is completely unnecessary and could cause serious accidents."

George Truell, 86, who served as a soldier for 40 years, said the sign was in his home and was "staying up at the moment."

Devon County Council, which manages the roads in the area, said: “We received several complaints regarding this sign. Our plans show that the sign was placed on public property, and therefore, we have asked it to be removed. Nevertheless, as the Truells’ claim that it is on their private land, we are currently trying to establish who owns the property."

If the property belongs to the city then the sign will be removed, but if it is indeed on Truells’ property then there is not much the city can do because it is their right of free speech to do so.



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