24-year-old bodybuilder wins world's largest biceps title

Moustafa Ismail 
By: Moses Gold 

(Scroll down for video) 24-year-old Moustafa Ismail, an Egyptian bodybuilder, won the world record of the largest biceps.

The bodybuilder was so dedicated to bulking up his arms that he moved his whole family to the U.S. to gain access to better workout equipment.

Moustafa Ismail was declared the Guinness World Record holder for the biggest biceps in the world. His bulging arms are 31 inches in diameter, the size of the waist of an average adult male.

You've probably seen gruesome photos floating around the Internet of bodybuilders who have injected their muscles with growth hormone, anabolic steroid or synthetic oil famous for giving weight-lifters freakish, almost cartoon-like muscles.

Now, Ismail has shown that a person can achieve the same results if they just work hard enough and eat a diet rich in protein. Ismail, currently living in Massachusetts, has been taking iron regularly for the last 10 years, and the results are quite impressive.

Ismail was working out as a way to keep fit, but after receiving praise from fellow fitness enthusiasts on the size of his arms, he decided to focus on his arm to get them even bigger.

“My friends in the gym just couldn’t believe how much my arms seem to grow so I began to really focus on getting them bigger,” Ismail said.

To maintain his growing arms, Ismail consumed three pounds of chicken, one pound of steak or fish and three protein shakes a day, plus about 7.5 liters of water. However, he notes that genetics also played a role. His father, a former wrestler, also had impressive muscle mass.



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