5-month-old poses for most funny passport photo

Funny baby passport photo 
By: Ryan Lee Hall 

A photo from a drunken looking baby became an instant Internet hit.

The photo of the baby was uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.

This certainly is not your typical passport photo. The adorable 5 month old, pictured here from Vancouver, British Columbia, has become an overnight sensation with his hysterical smile, often referred to online as "the drunk baby."

When the girl's father, whose real name is Joel, published the photo of his child online, he had no idea it would cause such a stir.

"I published it to the web because I wanted people to laugh. Mission accomplished," Joel said.

The clumsy funny photo is actually a baby shoot of a passport photo.

"Those were the outtakes. I talked with the fellow who developed the photos. He thought it would be fun to develop the outtakes, so I was very happy to hear this had been going around the world," Joel said.

Despite the many comments on the Internet accusing the funny baby as posing for his first mug shot, or asking the child to lay off the bottle, his father sets the record straight that his little son was just a bit tired.

Joel was not kidding when he said he is happy.

When asked what his biggest lesson learned after publishing a photo of his child on the Internet, he jokingly replied: "What I have learned is that the Internet rewards more ugly babies than cute babies."



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