8-year-old girl gets her tongue stuck in water bottle

Jayla Small 
By: Eva Fett 

(Scroll down for video) A girl vows never to drink from a bottle again after her tongue became stuck in it.

The eight-year-old girl had to undergo emergency surgery after her tongue got stuck in a bottle of water.

Jayla Small of Atlanta, Georgia, was drinking from a metal bottle with a small opening at a cheerleading practice last week, when she found that she could not free her tongue from the bottle.

Her coaches could not remove the container and called paramedics, but they were also at a loss, and Jayla was rushed to a local children's hospital.

Doctors spent hours working on the bottle, making holes in the can and even calling maintenance workers to cut the bottom off.

By this time, her tongue had become very swollen inside the container and the bottle had shifted into the gums, leaving Jayla vomiting.

The doctors finally decided to take the girl to surgery under general anesthesia, which it took them another hour before they were able to remove the bottle.

Jayla said she was traumatized by the incident. Now, she only drinks from a straw and food has to be pureed.

She is also taking antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash to help with the swelling of the tongue, which may have suffered nerve damage.



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