Airline CEO calls his customers stupid

Suzy McLeod and her kids 
By: Shifra Unger 

An airline CEO lashed out at a customer, calling her very stupid.

Air travelers call the airlines a lot of names. Maybe it was just a matter of time before airlines counter attacked.

At least that seems to be the case with Ryanair. The franc and sometimes bizarre CEO of the European low cost airline called one of his passengers "stupid."

On August 15, Suzy McLeod of Berkshire, England, was charged €300 ($450) for not printing her own boarding passes, five in all for her family. Her flight was from Alicante, Spain, to Bristol, England. The airline charged her €60 ($90) for reissuing a boarding pass at the airport.

McLeod allegedly complained about the matter on Facebook, where she received support in the form of "likes" of more than half a million users. The message is no longer visible on the Facebook page of the company.

Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair, struck back.

"We believe that McLeod paid 60 euros for being so stupid," he said. "She was not able to print her boarding pass because as you know there are no cafes in Alicante, no hotels where you could print for free, and she could not get to a fax machine at a friend’s home so they can print and fax them.”

He went on to say that 99.98 percent of Ryanair passengers print their own boarding passes in advance. "For those who do not, I say very politely: 'B ***** off.’”

On August 21, the airline said in a statement: "As we stated in the terms and conditions for all Ryanair passengers, McLeod agreed at the time of booking that she and her fellow travelers check in online and print their boarding passes before arriving at the departure airport, and she also agreed and decided that if she did not then she will pay to reprint her boarding pass with a penalty of 60 pounds or 60 euros in the E.U. area per passenger."

The company, famous for its ultra-low rates and its committees, has said in the past it was exploring options to charge passengers a fee to use the bathroom and the creation of "Standing Room Only" on their planes.



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