Yankee fans run to watch couple making out in the stadium bathroom

The Yankee fans making out in the toilet 
By: Eva Fett 

This was not a good sign for the New York Yankees, as fans rushed to go watch a couple making out in the stadium bathroom instead of watching the ongoing game.

These two fans however, definitely scored in the Yankee Stadium bathroom.

The two were recorded on video having sex in the bathroom while the Yankees played the Tampa Bay Rays last week, according to eye witnesses.

The woman sat on the toilet seat while a fellow enthusiast wearing a CC Sabathia shirt and no pants, climbed on top of her while a crowd of onlookers watched.

"It seems impossible, but the couple seemed oblivious to the crowd around them," wrote a witness, who recorded the session.

The couple continued making out for a few minutes even after they realized that viewers were watching them over and under the partitions.

They also received a round of applause when they left the bathroom.

The sleeping around in the bathroom could have been good luck for the Yankees as the Yankees won 5 to 3.



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