Lonely man dies with $7 million in gold hidden in his garage

Walter Samasko's cousin 
By: David Ross 

(Scroll down for video) It pays to be a friend with that lonely man down the block.

Walter Samasko died with little money in the bank, only two hundred dollars, but had millions in his garage.

No one suspected that this lonely 69-year-old man left this world with $7 million in gold bullion and gold coins, hidden in boxes in his garage, according to local officials.

Samasko died of heart problems in May, but a month passed before Carson City neighbors complained of a smell.

When his house was put up for sale, a real estate agent and a neighbor went through his belongings. They discovered what the Carson City Clerk and Recorder Alan Glover called an overwhelming amount of gold.

The coins date back to the 1840s and originated from England, Mexico and South Africa, among other places.
A city official used a haul to transport the treasure.

Samasko, who was described as a peaceful neighbor, an avid hunter and a conspiracy theorist, left no will.

Authorities tracked down his closest living relative, a cousin who had not spoken to him for a year. She was surprised to find out she was suddenly a millionaire.



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