Man glues new iPhone 5 to the street floor

iPhone glued to the floor 
By: John Roberts 

(Scroll down for video) A man wanted to see what happens when people spot the iPhone 5 just lying on the street floor, so he glued it just there for all to see.

People around the world have queued for days to get their hands on Apple's iPhone.

So if you see one lying on the ground would you pick it up? In a video made by a group of Dutch pranksters is anything to go by, the answer is yes.

The coveted smartphone does not go on sale in the Netherlands until Friday, but the guys somehow got their hands on one before it was released.

They decided to glue the phone on the pavement in Leidseplein, one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam, with super glue and set up a video camera to capture the results.

The iPhone was a beacon for passersby. Most tried to grab the phone before realizing that it was stuck to the floor as they run away red-faced and laughing.

Others saw the phone and looked around before casually trying to lift it up from the floor.

Some were angry, kicking the phone in an attempt to free it from the sidewalk. One woman even stamped and jumped on the phone.

At least the pretty fun experiment proved one thing: the new model is certainly durable even if the battery life is still a bit iffy.



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